About Us

We are the prettiest creatures who brings in cool af jewelries and other shit to you.  Trust me, those items were forged by the high alchemists and sorcerers from the Unicorn Land.  That's why our items are beyond magical and loved by humans.  Oh come on, who doesn't love jewelries.  We've been selling it to humans since 2013 with the brand Countess Couture but then we think we should change it to TheVith.my.  

TheVith.my is an extended idea from my blog, Vamp-In-Da-House and I was like, ''hey why don't I just make it into another little baby that sells amazing items to the humans?''.  With my blogging experience since 2008 that includes a collaboration with Zalora and other media jobs, I guess it would be nice enough to share stuff that I personally love with the audiences hoomans and maybe we can shine and sparkle together.

Read: We is literally, me, this store and the blog.  Forever alone af

So, welcome to my online store and we hope all of you have an amazing shopping experiences in here.

-SSM Registered-